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CE Certification

During the inspection, the Lift’s compliance with the safety requirements of the applicable European directive (2014/33/EU) and relevant harmonized standards is assessed.

Technical Visits

We understand that intermittent, wrongly diagnosed faults can be a real problem for business. That’s why our lift technicians provide time-efficient technical visits to

Lift installation

We can provide quotations to update existing lifts and installations that may be inefficient or outdated, or provide you with a competitive estimate for a brand new lift installation as

Lift Repairs

Offering a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service to all our clients, we provide a breakdown and lift repair service from our specialist team of engineers.

Lift Modernization

Often some of your lifts are no longer suitable, and often an upgrade is required. This is where we are able to competitively quote you to upgrade and modernize your existing lifts


We know that prevention is better than cure, so we believe a thorough and professional maintenance schedule for your lift is vital. In addition to our primary lift maintenance

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About us

Why Choose Kronos Cert

Kronos Cert provides high quality, reliable and efficient lift engineering solutions with an emphasis on our work speaking for itself. Kronos Cert. was founded in 1999, in a period of first appearance and operation of elevator control bodies in Greece. From the first years of its establishment until 2005, it was the exclusive subcontractor in the field of elevators of the Italian certification body. All manner of lift related work is undertaken by our team of fully qualified, experienced engineers. Our mission is to provide our customers with a service that is stress free, promises kept and work carried out with minimum fuss.